I have a deep appreciation for the past. I love to see and use the things that were made long ago, things that were made to last. These things could tell stories about the people that used them. The philosophy of my leatherwork, which is to give people quality leather goods that will change and develop a rich patina over time, during their journey, telling their own story. 

The name 'Brock Road' refers to the place I grew up. I spent my childhood living in the country in a log house that my parents built. It was perfect for me. My three brothers and I spent our days outside, making up games, building forts, and creating memories. We moved around a lot once I started junior high, but the log house at the end of the long gravel drive will always be my favorite home, and my story began on Brock Road.

If I look at an old belt that I've worn for years, I see the scar in the leather from the time I scraped it on a rock while hiking, or the water stain from the time I ran through the rain with my wife. I see every imperfection as a moment, sentence, or chapter in the story of my life. I hope to provide leather goods that you will use & wear for years to come and will inevitably tell your unique stories as well.